World's Youngest Mother

5:42 PM

Lina Medina, is the youngest confirmed mother in medical history, who was born on September 27, 1933 in the small village of Paurange and was only 5 years 8 months old to give birth to her child on May 14, 1939. To be specific, Lina Medina’s parents thought their 5-year-old daughter had a huge abdominal tumor and when her father carried her to a hospital. However, it turned out that she was pregnant, and the baby weighed 2.7 kg.

Now, isn't this something astounding?! I never thought five year olds could get pregnant. All I can say is in this world, a lot of extraordinary things could happen.

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  1. Wooo! That's insane! :o she can be like friends with her baby!

  2. Wallah al7eeeen ilmafroooth we prepare for anything ilmafroth ahaha:p

  3. Sob7aanaa Allah.. It's a strange world we live in :)

  4. extraordinary? it's sick... it's child abuse... who was this sick sick dude who got a child pregnant????!!!!
    unfathomable... unforgivable. poor girl

  5. Take it as you want TTT, but I still stand by saying that it is extraordinary. Science actually proves that you get pregnant once you hit puberty and this is an irregular case of proving science wrong that's all.


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