12:14 PM

The lovely AmasE°♥  yesterday informed me that every time she tried clicking the older posts icon from the homepage, the above error would show. I'd like to inform you all that the problem is fixed you can click on the older posts icon and it would indeed lead you to the older posts error free. 

A very big thank you for bringing it up AmasE°♥ , I owe you one. Turns out it is a common problem that is caused by Google's blogger server. A few tweeking of the HTML code here and there was enough for it to be up and running. 

So read away followers :L . 

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  1. i noticed that but i thought there was something wrong with my browswer that is why i never said anyting =p

    gld you fixed it, now i am going to test it =p

  2. oh u r more than welcome dear.... :$


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