Color Recognition Test...

10:31 AM

I got the link from Kuwaitiful and thought hey why not just try it out and check what score I get..!!

Amazingly I scored a 7 which at the beginning made me panic thinking I was color blind until I got it together and realized oh yeah it's the opposite of what I think it is. The lower you score, the higher you eyes are sensitive to color. So that was good news although I do really feel bad for Kuwaitiful but for what it's worth, it did seem confusing when your eyes suddenly fuse all the blocks into one color.

So hey why don't you check it out and try it? Click ME

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  1. i got dizzy while trying the test xD fun !

  2. You girls all scored amazingly well..!! I got one who scored a 500 and she's a female made me feel sad for her.

    @cK: You better share the score.

  3. 300? Maybe she didn't really try as hard as she could to get it right. Ask her to do it again and concentrate.


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