Even the walls of the empty corridor halls cried...

8:26 AM

A traffic accident happened where two cars collided with a bus filled with SQU students going on a field trip to Salalah. The bus moved out of the road and toppled over to fall 30 metres beneath the flyover. The result, the death of four people; three students and a technician.

The news of traffic accidents isn't  really a new thing, I have grown so accustomed to it since nowadays we discuss it rather than have it strike a cord. After all, who can blame anyone when it's the number one cause of deaths here. But once you are told that a connection exists between you and the deceased. You take the blow in a very different way. They were students who I once upon a time talked to and joked around with, students that whenever I'd cross the hallways and corridors would greet me and give me the utmost respect because I am an alumna of the same major. They were students who were so close to graduating and told me that they'd invite me over for a victory DEW drink once the mission was accomplished. Students who once said that they'd make it to the 10 o'clock news with their full names mentioned. Little did they know that it would be to announce their deaths.

Now all that everyone has is the memory of them lighting up a room every time they'd walk in. The hallways and corridors were empty, not a single soul would you hear if you visited the college. Everyone was mourning, even the walls were mourning their loss.

Now what I would never understand is the reason behind taking a bus to the South of Oman which roughly means around 18  to 20 hours drive in the most scariest of roads when there are planes that fly to Salalah for merely 40 minutes. The road to Salalah isn't the safest and given that the faculty knew the dangers of the roads, they still managed to sacrifice students's lives for a mere cut in the budget. I mean c'mon they can easily manage to let alone get sponsors but get the Armed Forces to transport them on their private planes to Salalah (I know I have been on one and it only took an official letter from the College's administration requesting transport from the Armed Forces). Now the students woke up and are demanding better travelling conditions. It's a pity that they had to see lives taken away for them to make a move.

Allah yer7emkom w ye'3ammed roo7kum el jannah ya rab.

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  1. La 7awllilah wla quwata ila bilah.. innanilah w2na illaihi raji3oun :( A sad thing to hear, I'm sorry for ur loss, 3atham allah 2ajrich ;* 3sallah ymsa7 3la galb ahlhum we9abrhum ya rb...


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