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Now I have always loved the fact that such an exhibition exists in where opportunities are available where soon to be high school graduates get to interact directly with university and college represatitives with all the questions, doubts and information they want and need in order for them to settle on a satisfying choice to them and of cousre their families. I do applaude such efforts and have always asked for encores with better organisation and more higher education institutes to be involved. And not only is it exclusive for high school goers but even people like myself who have decided well maybe another Masters degree won't really harm me and would give me the much break I want. 

Anyhow, the exhibition kicked off on Tuesday and as we all know no high schooler who has strict parents would be allowed to go on a school night to an exhibition no matter how crucial it is to their future. 'You are still not done with school, that means you need to sleep to go to school early as always. Mashi 6al3a'. That case was my sister's case when she tried convincing my parents to go. So we decided since we got a text message from Ghedex themselves informing us that it's a three day event, then we could easily go on Wednesday the 20th or Thursday the 21st. Alrighty then no problem there. 

To cut a long story short, we ended up going the last day on the 21st. We arrived there and were told 'Sorry it's closed ' Now how on earth would you close on a Thursday evening and that's when most of the students are actually free and capable of visiting? Not everyone works a governmental job that allows them to visit on Wednesday or Thursday morning for that matter. Why didn't they take that into consideration? And why would you say it's till the 21st when you actually decide to close by 4pm? Many of those I know never got the chance to visit because of this, since we all retreated like a bunch of defeated soldiers in a war against time. 

Ghedex this time was an EPIC FAIL..!! 

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