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As I write this my skin feels soft and like a baby's bum, my complexion bright and glowing  :L and it's all thanks to my diet and moisturizing. No weird-ass facials have ever got in contact with my face whatsoever. Anyhoo, ever since I came across that horrific weird facial on Earth; the cockroach facial, I got intrigued into finding out some more weird facials that have been going around lately. And boy oh boy was I gobsmacked with some very grotesque dreadful ones and no I don't mean the chocolate facial nor the 24 carat gold one, some are by far more worse than a pleasant experience.

Since I stumbled on a bunch, I think it's only fair to share it with you all no? Fair enough? Okay so let's start....

Sweet Cheeks Facial is one that I thought oh that's great it targets the cheeks which is good. But no it's not since the target my dear peeps is the other set of cheeks we have; the cheeks that we sit on? Weird enough for ya? Well listen to this, it is offered to both females and MALES. Hmm, who wants a soft baby bum? 

Galvanic Facial starts off with a deep, manual pore cleaning. Afterwards, the esthetician uses a galvanic current to draw a highly concentrated vitamin C serum into your skin. A pad transmitting a negative charge goes under your back, while a positive charge travels through a conical mask on your face. As the electric current goes through your body, you might even experience a metallic taste in your mouth. So who's up to get electrically shocked?!

Bird Poop Facial is soft grainy scrub comprised of nightingale poop and rice bran which should feel moist and effective without being rough. And, in case you're wondering, the poop is sterilized using ultraviolet light. So anyone for bird poop?

Buccal Facial is an intense facial massage performed INSIDE THE MOUTH. A trained therapist actually puts their hands inside your mouth and massages parts of your musculature where tension is stored in order to promote blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin. Celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, and Kate Moss have reportedly already opened their mouths and tried it.

Have women just gone plain crazy?! Why on earth would you get poop, electric shock and mouth massages when you can go the old fashioned way? Women would you try it? Men do you think it's worth it if it meant touching softer skin on your spouse? 

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  1. its marketing my dear xD whats funny people do some of those stuff :f

  2. When people have been injecting poison in their faces for years now, it was only a matter of time until they started smearing bird poop or mashed cockroaches on their face. :x I'll pass...


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