ATM on Windows?

9:03 AM

Now isn't this a weird scene to see at an ATM?! I thought ATMs run on a stripped version of Unix/Linux AFAIK :S . What's even stranger is mostly screen savers at ATMs are advertisements we see for loans and other bank services, but not the default Windows one.

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  1. these windows operating ATM's are so easy to breach, what was the bank thinking.

  2. i thought they workon linux too :/ weird , imagine the atm blue-screen crashed on u while waiting for ur money :p

  3. @Kuwaitiful: Go Figure and it's HSBC..!!

    @cK: Now that would be just plain scary ..!!

  4. Usually the ATM machines have special OS other than windows, linux or mac (i.e. the ordinary OS which are used)... those OS (ATM OS) are developed using mcf or even visual c...
    To use windows is a bit weird and stupid i guess, but though they might have reasons for that or customize windows system maybe xP....
    away from the topic, ur blog has a problem with the "back" button (image) u may need to look at it, this issue often happens when the navigation buttons or links are images...
    "bX-67oaj1" this is the code of the issue... gd luck
    BTW I loved this topic :L sooooo much, very interesting indeed

  5. @Amase: I know it's weird and stupid to use windows that's why I found it interesting to post about. And speaking about the back button, ma fahamt, is it when you click on an image and want to go back to the post?! Or the image itself isn't visible with you?!

  6. Rummy i will demonstrate the issue in steps:
    1. Open the home page of Rummy blog :P
    2. Scroll down till the bottom of the page
    3. There will be an arrow (navigation arrow) to go to the next page (older posts)
    4. Click on that arrow
    5. An error will display, the code of the error is "bX-67oaj1"

    hope it's clear now

  7. Oh alright there's a problem with the older post link. Will check it out and fix it. Thanks hun..!!


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