Omani Beer...

9:25 AM

Our version of beer is the one and only.... 

An Omani guy usually would not dine in if there isn't dew available unless they are trying to impress a girl by ordering a mocktail or is banned to drink it by his wife because he has diabetes :p . Found this out of a bunch of old photos. Don't they just look vintage? I wonder how our kids would be like when they point out at our bottles and soda pop cans and say the same thing.  

P.S: I said usually before any of you Omani dudes attack me.

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  1. LOOOL!! AHAM SHAY USUALLY!! loool..

    the do love the dew and i dont get why!

  2. Hahaha yeah I say it again USUALLY

    I have no idea why they are obsessed with it either. Maybe the whole citrus thingie going on?!

  3. ohhhhh rummmmmy when r u going to remove the cockroaches down there?!!!! weeeey it make me feel xo ... ewwwww rummy plsssss remove the post at least the first image....

  4. Hun it'll go down tomorrow since it'll be on the next page ;)

    Btw did you go to the charity function last Wednesday?

  5. areeeeeed now >.< dew is the best drink ever thats why


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