One Less Lonely Girl...

8:52 AM

The beauty expert teen girls trust? A 16-year-old boy.

Mop-topped pop star Justin Bieber can add "nail polish magnate" to his list of accomplishments. Bieber, who started a line of polishes with Nicole by OPI, has sold one million bottles of the stuff since mid-December. Nicole by OPI announced that to meet the massive demand, they have shipped triple the typical number of bottles to be in stores by the time Bieber's movie, Never Say Never, hits theaters. And it's not such a bad thing; the collection raises awareness of Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit Bieber supports that aims to build schools around the world.

Bieber's line is called The One Less Lonely Girl collection, named after one of his songs. (Certain shades are also Bieber puns, like "Baby" Blue.) And maybe, just maybe, one million tween fans will feel one step closer to the heartthrob with the "One Less Lonely Glitter" shade on their fingers and toes.

I don't know what's disturbing, that Justin Bieber stepped out of the box BIG TIME or that he has proven those doubts people have of him all along. Why not perfume, shoes or something? Did it really have to be nail polish? On a side note though, I can see some of those colors primping my nails soon..!!

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