There's a parallel universe somewhere...

10:47 AM

What if there was a parallel universe? There'd be a girl named Rummy as the one here but her life would be different. She'd probably still choose to become a doctor and graduate this year, or might even get married and have a bunch of kids by now or better yet, she might not even have a blog since she has chosen a different set of paths to follow rather than the ones she leads now in this current universe. 

What if you chose to not do what you have done, do you believe that a parallel life where you exist in it leading a different life is real? Do you believe in such a thing? Are you a believer that quantum physics would be the solution to all those unanswered and unexplained questions? Does pseudoscience really exist?! 

Just a thought that popped into my head when I was fast asleep... 

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  1. YUP ! i believe as such stuff exist , esp that scientists couldnt advance much in quantum physics till this date
    dimensions , time traveling theories , teleportation :e

  2. 2 years back i started search and reading abt an interesting theory called String theory or superstring theories if u've ever heard of it?
    check it, it has something to do with the parallel worlds as it introduce the idea of dimensions of the universe (specifically the objects):
    there are many websites talk about the same if u need more reference... really interesting though that it may contradict with some basic theories and ideas sometimes

  3. You know the show Fringe? It's practically dedicated to pseudoscience and alternative universes. =D

  4. I love fringe =D

    and i do believe there somwhow this exsits...

  5. @cK: What hinders them to not develop further if it's a science anyway?

    @Amase: Now I must read more, I am very much intrigued abotu the whole concept.

    @Dazzling Mage: Yeah I have watched it a couple of times and it is indeed fascinating in a spooky way.

    @Standy: What makes you believe in it?


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