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Lately, I have been getting constant hiccups that lasts for hours especially in the morning. Anyhoo, as I was getting very annoyed about the whole thing. I decided hmmm, how about I search for some useful tips that might really help me in my ordeal. And boy did I get remeides. Some were just plain dumb stupid and funny and some did really make sense. I decided I'd share the most bizzare out of them with you all. Enjoy..!!

The Native-American Indian Method

  1. Sit in a chair.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Have a friend press their pointer and middle fingers on both of your eyes simultaneously. Apply pressure until you see "white specs".
  4. Then slowly release pressure.
  5. Your hiccups should be gone!

Water and Knife Method

  1. Fill up a glass of water and get a butter knife.
  2. Put the knife, blade up, into the glass.
  3. Drink the water with the blade pressing on your forehead until it is all gone.

Water Cure

  1. Fill a glass with water.
  2. Bend over until you are as upside down as possible, then drink the water.
  3. Don't stop to breathe! That should cure your hiccups.

The Drinking Method

  1. Get a 12 ounce glass of water
  2. Plug your ears with your fingers
  3. Plug your nose with other fingers at the same time
  4. Now pick up the glass with the remaining fingers
  5. Drink as much as you can as fast as you can
  6. Repeat the steps, if necessary.

Straw Method

  1. Get a glass of water and two straws.
  2. Put one straw inside the glass as usual and the other straw pressed up against the side of the glass on the outside.
  3. Put both straws in your mouth at once, drink the water like you would normally, taking as big of gulps as possible.
  4. Drink a couple of gulps and then your hiccups should be gone!

The Aneta Cure

  1. Say the name "Aneta" (Uh-net-uh) each time you hiccup. It will reset the way you breathe and the hiccups will vanish.

The Fish Cure

  1. Have someone ask you "what swims in the ocean?"
  2. Answer "fish" and your hiccups are gone

The Styx Cure

  1. Listen to "Renegade" by Styx
  2. Repeat until hiccups are gone.

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  1. Really? They should be called "steps to looking like a complete idiot"

  2. LOL ! the last one is epic :p

    did any work (A)?

  3. Some of those sound extremely whack! :P How about trying the good old hold your breath technique?

  4. loooooooooooooooool....

    i like the fish cure best of all!!!


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