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11:10 AM

Asian Football Confederation (AFC) chief Mohamed Bin Hammam has sensationally withdrawn his candidacy from the Fifa presidential elections, which were due to be held on Wednesday June 1.

The AFC supremo was the only challenger to current incumbent Sepp Blatter in the race for the organisation's top job, but with the 62-year-old due to face Fifa's ethics committee on Sunday amid allegations of bribery, he has taken the decision to remove his name from consideration.

As a result, Blatter now looks set to be inaugurated for another term in the position he has held since succeeding Joao Havelange in 1998.

Bin Hammam, in addition to Blatter and Concacaf chief Jack Warner, will be questioned by the committee as accusations of corruption continue to blight the governing body, in respect of the recent World Cup 2018 and 2022 bidding process.

The Qatari official was thought to have been trailing Blatter as both men looked to garner backing for their respective bids, but his decision to take himself out of the reckoning will still be regarded as a major surprise.

Bin Hammam said on his official website: "I made the decision to run for the FIFA presidency because I was and remain committed to change within FIFA.

"However, recent events have left me hurt and disappointed - on a professional and personal level."

Hurt and disappointed were you or just running away from a big fa'9ee7a (scandal)? Something smells fishy, you leave the race, just in time when the ethics committee were investigating the alleged bribes that you might have took?

I am thankful that he stepped down had he had something to hide. But then again, you are running for a sports governing board didn't you think they would investigate? My sisters responded with the oh so famous phrase we use 'Typical Arab' along with a saddening frown. I don't know if I should feel ashamed or happy?  Is this typical us?

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