Doesn't Make Sense, Or Does It?!

3:33 PM

Jordan & Morocco to join GCC, that title itself was enough to surprise and stun the living daylight out of me vand everyone at work. 

Yes the Gulf Cooperation Council agreed to think of having Jordan and Morocco in the council. I mean seriously and it seems that they will accept the requests. According to my geography neither Jordan nor Morocco are on the Arabian Gulf. The only Gulf Jordan has got is the Gulf of Aqaba , other than that I don't have nor see any relation between Jordan and the Gulf states except the very old fact that Abdullah the First was actually from the Hijaz Region.

In addition, what connection or relation does Morocco have with the GCC? I mean I understand we are all Arab in the end and all hail from Arabic countries, but really? I mean we don't even come from the same region for crying out loud.  And coming to think about it, didn't Morrocco want to join the EU?!

Why would Morocco and Jordan join the GCC while Iraq is not?! I do not need to mention Yemen because it is actually not on the Arabian Gulf amazingly just like Morocco and Jordan..!! Why is it this way? Is it because the monarchies (who are the only ones left in the entire MENA region) want to join forces together and remain in power? I don't understand this at all.

To top this all off, the no expat marriage policy here just made everyone happy because the only ones waved off of this are GCC nationals which means that many of Omanis (at least the ones I know of) would be flocking to marry Morrocans and Jordaninas like there's no tomorrow because their dowries are way less than those from the GCC countries. 

A little history lesson to some: Mubarak wanted Egypt to join the GCC in 1991 but Iraq invaded Kuwait and suddenly the project became history. Again I do not know why he wanted to join the GCC either. 

2011 has topped the mark of the weirdest year ever..!!

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  1. LOOL! I don't get it either!!! It frustrates me! Two countries with so many problems mara7 ynf3ouna bshai! What's with the addition?! Less is more people! ;p

    P.S Jordanians r not fond of us, nor r we! It's gonna be interesting! ;p

  2. On the map it dosnt make sense however if they changed the name for GCC then maybe good luck and all Arab countries should be together

  3. I hope Noodie is right, if its military alliance only then ok but other than that it would be utterly ridiculous! The GCC's economy will come crumbling down!

  4. Either way it's still making me feel uneasy about the whole thing..!!


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