Happy Birthday Sis..!!

12:21 PM

These were pictures of the surprise we did for my sister, we filled her room up with balloons and gifts all over the place. She's finally legal and can vote wohooo, she's 21. Even though we were all caught up with our busy schedules I'm glad we did something for her. 

So share with me, what were surprises you have done before?! It'd be good to hear some ideas to keep in mind for the future. 

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  1. :-D happy birthday, am sure she was really happy . if u need surprise ideas for later let me know i have a few up my sleeves ;-)

  2. Thank you girls ;)

    @Omani Jewel: I surely will consult you next time I'm looking for ideas..!!

  3. Happyyyyyyy Birthdaaaaaaaay!!!! :party kil 3am o ur is ibkhaaaaaair o 3oqbaaaaal 1000000 sena inshallah!!;**

  4. Oh people - u are of God's creation/
    The one who revealed from the heavens revelations/
    What's the fun in Pagan celebrations/
    That were undertook by pharoah
    And other pagans - destroyed nations/
    Birthdays, christmas, new years jubilations/
    Like the prophet said, u will surely follow other nations/
    Clear indications - no falsification/
    When we celebrate - have we realization of
    it's symbolisation?
    God alone lays down legislation
    We need the book, the sunnah to secure our salvation/

    Peace & blessings

    Alhamdulilah rab al alameen
    Wa salaamun alel mursaleen


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