Let's chuck out those RINGS, shall we?!

11:52 AM

The diamond industry, in its infinite marketing savvy, seems to have convinced young couples that the only way to declare a lifetime commitment is for a man to ruinously spend two or three months' salary on the proper rock. Men write to me to say that they're ready to get married, but given school debt and the depressed economy, they simply can't afford a good enough ring, and they despair whether they'll ever be able to pop the question. Here's a secret that the folks at De Beers don't want young people to know: All you need to do to become officially engaged is tell everyone, "We're getting married!" 

There is another major problem with the ring. It turns young women — otherwise independent, successful strivers — into passive recipients, waiting for their prince to rescue them from their single state. In what other aspect of their lives do young women so totally turn over their future to the decisions of others? I get letters from women who regularly scour their beloved's sock drawer, hoping to see a ring box, evidence that marriage is in their future. The ritual of the engagement ring means he decides, he buys, he proposes. 

Throwing the ring out of the equation encourages the progression toward marriage to be more of a continuing discussion, a joint decision. 

The desire for a substantial ring also encourages an unsightly side of one's character. I hear from young men distressed at the broad hints from their girlfriends about the number of carats required to impress her friends. I also hear from women who have happily said yes to a proposal but are now stuck with a ring they think is hideous. Yet how to trade in a piece of jewelry so freighted with meaning? 

Compare the engagement ring with the wedding band. Basically, everyone's looks alike. There's no envy, no angst, no credit card debt. It's simply a handy way of signaling, "I'm taken."

This is an article I read off the Washington Post and it just got me to think, seriously? Heck I want an engagement ring. I wouldn't over pressure on the type that I want even though if I get one humongous gigantic canary one, I would just call of the whole idea of having a wedding reception really and settle looking at the sparkle for the rest of my life and a marriage contract from City Hall. That's how important it is, well at least to me. I just want to shove it in people's eye balls, and yell "Look I'm friggin' married and yes it's a beautiful ring".
People in the west fret about the engagement ring when I really pity men here, not only does the engagement ring put you on the verge of bankruptcy but it's the dowry, the car, the apartment and the minimum two huge wedding parties that would just kill you off. 

So sorry dear columnist, but this chucking the rings idea won't work here AT ALL..!! What do you think though?! She right or just plain off.

P.S: I'm not even asking for a wedding just a huge chunk of ICE please and I am happy to be your wife..!!

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  1. since my husband mother didn't let him choose it for me or me choosing it for myself all i have now or kinda lost is what she picked until i buy one i want and love

    btw i don't think i love the idea of the ring i will never wear it everyday all i have now is necklace of apple about our relationship i wear it everyday bcoz he loves apple inc

  2. No way I'm gonna toss that away haha!

  3. @samaher tariq: Now I would have cried my eyes out everyday until I get it. I think he should at least surprise you with another one and wear the one his mom chose on the necklace next to the apple. So your mother in law doesn't flare up.

    @ C: No way indeed.

  4. Rummy hun, you gave Sam a great idea!


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