My Hollywood Smile...

11:09 AM

As I visited my dentist for my routine six months check up and given that my dentist was one sweet soul, he offered to throw in the Zoom! teeth whitening for me at the very mere low price of 75% off its original cost. The reasoning was?  I have been a very loyal customer. And since I just love discounts, I thought, why not ? In the end, there's no harm because I am paying peanuts in comparison to what others pay and agreed to the offer on the spot. 

Now that was one huge mistake since I didn't even research anything about the procedure and what to expect from it. As I sat on the patient's chair, my mouth was left wide open and my lips started to get covered up and sunscreen applied to the rest of my exposed face. And then there was light which was super cool. I closed my eyes to get even more comfy and BAM out of nowhere unbelievable shooting pains started creeping into the core of my teeth, shooting pains that literally got me to tear.  I think in comparison to the sympathy pains I endured last year, this is a close rival and number one from the list of pain I have ever experienced. 

Overall though, my smile as breathtaking as it was before became even waaaay better, super pearly whites that would equate to the so called Hollywood smile, so it was worth the pain but would I go through whitening my teeth again? I'd say NEVER..!! 

P.S: I can't stop smiling and checking every tooth in the mirror :L .

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  1. i did it in three session the last one i couldn't handle the pain my did and now her teeth are so sensitive
    right now i use the home kit to keep on the results i got from the clinic

    btw mom always make sure we go to our yearly dentist check up am glad i know someone do it too

  2. never new it would hurt :/

    matshofeen shar but now u hv a fab smile, keep smiling :D

  3. @samaher: I guess our moms think alike since it has vbeen ritual to visit the dentist every six months ;) And yeah I think my teeth have turned to very sensitive these past days. I just hope it all goes well and my teeth get back to normal

    @swera: it hurts like crazy, but the good thing out of it is I can't stop smiling ;) .

  4. Ouch! Salamaat!!!
    I was considering doing it for grad but I didnt know it hurt so now im having second thoughts :P

  5. @r.alsharif: Allah yesalmek. I didn't think it hurt either to be honest until I got shocked with the reality that it actually did.


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