No Matter What: Chapter Twenty Five (FINALE)

5:51 PM

The doors opened, it was dark but for candles lit and a beautiful light at the end of the corner. As she moved one step forward the music started to play and the lights began to light up the red carpet. She moved slowly in all her glory, she smiled her widest smile while kicking her long dress forward. Adorned in a white princess cut ballroom gown decorated in beautiful pearls and rhinestones, she walked down gracefully. Paired with a simple long veil clipped under her hairdo of shiny dyed blond highlight streaks against her originally dark hair, she felt her heart palpating and her breathing racing against time. Her knees grew week unable to carry the studded white pumps she got as her gift from her best friend. She was nervous, excited and happy all at once; it was finally her day to call out to the world that they are a union. Everything seemed surreal to her as she walked to her seat up the stage. The stage that was simple and elegant carried their favorite colors, white and salmon; white being his favorite. With praise and supplication done for her from the onlookers, she proudly took her seat while gripping her flower bouquet of lovely white calla lilies. The guests took to the dance floor as Noor was absolutely stunning in her poise and wedding dress.

Fajr danced with Noor's in laws happy to share such a rare happy moment after the year of turmoil. She laughed and danced as she looked at her bestie, they shared everything together but now it was time for Noor to take her step down the road of marriage. Fajr shook her hips and danced amusing her friend as she winked at her that she’ll soon be doing it to seduce her hubby. 'Shihab is coming any second' Fajr was then told by Shihab’s sister. Heading up to the stage to kiss her friend her last kisses as an officially lonely woman she rushed outside the huge wooden doors of the ballroom to keep everything in check. After all, she was the bridesmaid.

Huge chandeliers and a spacious area she entered was filled with men in dishdashas and turbans. They were all getting to their places as they got ready to get in. Some more bukhoor burners were around as the men started motioning their hands to the smoke, they all had to smell good was what Fajr stressed. Different shades of white and salmon colored turbans started invading the place when about twenty close relatives of the groom got ready to get in. 'Someone looks gorgeous' a flirtatious whistle came from behind Fajr. She smiled and turned crimson red with shyness, she knew who it was and hoped she didn’t look like Marilyn Manson or Dracula for that matter. Raising up her phone so she could see her reflection, she gussied herself up then turned to him. She was still red from how bashful she was, 'please please don't blush, my heart can't take it anymore' he holds his chest imitating a heart attack. He looked fierce with his salmon turban and white dishdasha. His striking Arabic manly features were so obvious with his eagle sharp black eyes and his long nose and small lips. As she looked up to him, he could easily pass as a basketballer with that height and strong physique of his she thought as sheblushed even more. Fajr couldn’t help but hide her face. ‘Still shy 7abibti?’ he said, holding up her chin, in his heavy masculine voice only for shivers to go right through her spine. She smiled and gathered up the courage 'Hilal stop it will you?' she hits him lightly as she giggles. He laughs as his heart sinks knowing that he is falling for her more with each passing day, 'So can I call you later on?' he asked politely with his pair of big black innocent eyes. Fajr blushing nods her head and walks away blowing him a kiss.

'Yallah yallah, any minute now' Shihab's mother calls out for her sons to get in line. 'Who's pushing?' she asked as Hilal gestured that he would. And the wooden doors once again opened but this time all the lights were lit and the ladies were mostly in black abbayas after covering themselves up. 'Yallah Besmellah start moving Hilal' Shihab's mother told him. 'I'll do it on my own' Shihab pushed Hilal stopping him as he started moving forward. The music started and Noor smiled as she stood up looking at him coming towards her. She felt herself shiver from sheer excitement. He struggled to push the wheels as much as he could; he still wasn't used to the wheel chair he was on, it was new and specifically bought for the wedding. Approaching her, he felt warmth overtake his soul as he knew that she finally was his. Their eyes met, their hands drew close and their rings exchanged. He leant to her as they they were taking photos with family and friends and whispered to her while holding her hand tight: ‘No Matter What Noori, NO MATTER WHAT’.

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  1. Rummy I'm a sucker for your stories. This is amazing work. I love how you tied up all the loose ends and that there isn't any thing hanging. But Fajr with Hilal?! I did not see that coming at all. At least she has a happy ending. Keep it up waiting for the next sorry with excitement. And criticism to be honest I have none since this is unique and has an
    Omani flavor to it a bit. Love it.

  2. Amazing story mashalla. Wished it never ended. Love love love it to bits eb9ara7a.

    Yallah keep it up w na6reen el next story ya Rummoya ;) .

    Mohammed Al Ibrahim

  3. heyy havent seen you around in a loong time babe :(

  4. Oh my gawd. I loved every bit of this, I loved reading itchy first few chapters when your first posted them but now after reading all of the chapters together, I'm really speechless. I was up last night till 1 AM-ish reading feverishly. Each chapter is unique in its on way. I liked how I can't ever predict what's going to happen, all the events took me by surprise. Hilal and Fajr? Who would have thought. I thought that was Taimur.. What happened to Fajr saying yes to his proposal? Did he divorce Tahani or wanted her as a second wife? And Noor and Shihab's ending; truly magical. But I would love to know how it happened, how did her fame agree? Did Hilal have a hand in it? Overall, this is my favourite short story ever. I haven't been reading any books lately with what senior year and all but when I wanted to read something, I knew it had to

  5. (cont..) I knew it had to be yours and I'm glad it was. This is truly amazing, the way you play with words and add every little detail to the story..makes it even more lively, draws us into it and make us feel like we're there with characters, feeling their pain and sharing their happiness. Keep writing Rummy, you are a gifted writer.

  6. @Kitten: Well explaining what went on in every single aspect would give away the whole essence of the surprise. Taimur still remains with Tahani, Hilal did have something to do with the union of Shihab and Noor. I won't say more than that ;)

    I surely will keep writing and might I add it means a lot, your comment made me smile =D


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