No Matter What: Chapter Twenty Five (Prologue)

5:14 PM

White, white and white. Everything around me is white, you know why? It's because my love to you is whiter than snow, pure, clear and transparent. I never doubted for a second that we'd lead our lives apart. I always had faith and belief that we shall be reunited. Coming from where I come from, the thought of ever being happy was a farfetched dream. Yet you made my dream come true. Caring, loveable, generous and a heart of gold is what you are. I Love You Shihab, no matter what.

I can’t believe the passing year. We made it, through it all. I once loved but never knew that love could conquer it all, I never knew because of love I would do the impossible just for you, just to be with you. We have gone through everything we could imagine and still fought for us. I don’t know if I should be thankful to have an angel like you in my life or if I should be thankful that I am alive to be with you. You are my everything, my soul mate and my heart. You remained by my side even though the life I am leading now is different than the one I lead before. You are remarkable that I can’t wait to see the stunning you striking me with your beauty. Here I am, waiting for the love of my life to fill the room with her presence. But before we exchange these diaries, I just have these last words to say. No matter what, I’ll Always Love You Noor.

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  1. iloveittttt <3 btw deshaw my blog i just started today ! ty xx


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