No Matter What: Chapter Twenty Four

4:41 PM


The phone vibrates jolting Fajr back to reality. 'Please tell me nothing's wrong' Noor asks Fajr hoping that the day will go on as planned. 'It's fine. Don't worry' she reassures Noor who looks stunning with her eye makeup done. 'Mashallah Mashallah, you look amazing darling' Fajr tells Noor as she places the burner and holds Noor’s hand reassuring her that everything will go as planned. Noor smiles at Fajr who has put on weight; her cheeks are chubby and round, she has a graceful smile with her now very short hair. Fajr had changed dramatically the past year, she’s been happier and living life to the fullest every single day. She has become the adventurer she always saw in her best friend. She’s been ever so smiling and glowing more than she has a year before when havoc ruled their lives. The makeup brush around her face disturbs her thoughts. ‘Smile’ she was told by Fajr as the blush got applied to her cheeks. Noor smiled a genuine happy smile and hoped one day Fajr would be as happy as how she felt. She squeezed Fajr’s hand to let her know that she was always there for her. Through thick and thin, through hardship, sorrow and happiness, Noor vowed in her heart to be her secret bearer, her crying shoulder and her best friend no matter what.


The phone vibrated again reminding Fajr she had messages to check. After making sure Noor looked flawless, she hugged her tight not letting her want to go ‘I’m so proud of you’ she told Noor then left the room to allow her to get dressed.  Coming out of the room, Fajr took a long look at herself at the mirror opposite her. A deep burgundy dress looked stunning on her, the fold in the middle of the dress accentuated her curves, the sheer fabric suited brought out the best of her features. With her glowing skin and breathtaking accessories she seemed set to conquer the world in her killer strappy silver pumps. Looking down at her phone, she remembered the text messages.

Two text messages received...

'So how would Ms. Fajr look like? Marlyn Manson or Dracula?' the first message read. She laughed out loud as she went ahead reading the next text message she received, 'Errrm I think you'd look as stunning as ever you are an angel in disguise, just don't take my heart away tonight'. She giggled and hugged her phone tight, something she hasn't done in so long. Looking herself at the mirror as she waited for Noor, she blew a kiss to herself. ‘I am as happy as happy can get’ she told herself. Her time has come she thought to herself, 'I'll forever be happy, no matter what'.

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