No Matter What: Chapter Twenty One

3:29 PM

She fell asleep as her hand held firmly to hers. She was grateful that she was alive but wasn't sure how she would wake up after the sedatives administered to her. It was chaotic after Noor came to senses with what Hilal about Shihab. Fajr knew how she would be feeling; in shambles, broken and blaming herself for everything. Should she leave her to go check up on him? 'She's asleep anyway, she wouldn't be awake for another few hours' she convinced herself as she planted a kiss on Noor's forehead while tucking the blanket covering her to her sides. He was outside regretting every single thing he did until he saw the door's gap widening for Fajr to leave the room. 'Fajr' he called out with need, he felt helpless like an outcast treated with disgust. But the loathing he had for himself surpassed any feelings of abhorrence a person would have for him. Her curly locks flew in the air in a swift response to his calling. She looked back to see him almost senile unable to get a grip of what he did. With his bloodshot eyes drenched with tears strolling down his cheeks, mucus escaping out of his nostrils travelling down to his upper lip, he started shivering as he gestured with his hands 'Tell me what should I do?'. Fajr's image of Hilal changed as she tried calming him down; he wasn’t the evil masculine racist typical Arab. He was as broken and kind hearted as any other person. 'What you did wasn't wrong, she had to know' she said grabbing his hand, walking him out of the corridors to the open spaces with benches. 'Noor always mattered to me, I'll do what it takes Fajr. I swear to you'. Fajr smiled as she saw genuine sincerity Hilal had hidden behind his tough and sly exterior. 'Come with me.' she said leading him to the car with her.

The cold breeze blew into his hair, refreshing and minty as it traveled right down to his scalp. He fiddled with his keys as he locked his car walking towards that beautiful shore that was part of his past. Removing his sandals, his feet touched that coarse particles of sand, it reminded him of the happy times they spent, the tans they got, the salty water they tasted as they swam. It reminded him of everything that was ever so sweet. Looking into his phone he read the message again and was certain it wasn't a dream. 'She still loves me regardless of everything' he talked to the wind that once consoled him when he most needed it. Taking in a deep breath he decided to do a step he hasn't done in so long.

Fajr Dialing…

Fajr Dialing…

Fajr Dialing…


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  1. laaaaa :'( !!! laish il cliffhangerrr?! nabi morree :( !!!

  2. Ya 7aleilech, 3ashanek w 3ashan Chick FLick Journal I'm posting the entire story before the end of the week ;)


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