No Towels or you'll get SUED..!!

12:24 PM

Welcome to the world of malpractice lawsuits. I read this off a newspaper the other day and was shocked. Apparently a lady from Sur named Zakia Al Alawi is suing her doctor and some other medical staff for medical malpractice. What happened was the doctor actually forgot and left a towel inside of her abdomen when Zakia was operated on. The lady is asking for 5000 Omani rials as cost for the surgery to remove the forgotten towel and another hefty amount of 60,000 rials as compensation to the damages caused by the towel. In addition, she as well is claiming an additional 1000 rials for her lawyer's expenses. 

Now how on Earth could you not notice a towel left inside someone is beyond my comprehension, I mean even if the doctor forgot what about the other nurses and staff who were assisting in the Operating Room? They were all suddenly asleep or was it so much soaked in blood that they actually miraculously thought 'Oh hey, that's just another velvety looking organ'?. I wouldn't want to be in such a situation or else I would have killed the ones responsible. 

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  1. Ohmygawd!!!! How could they have missed that! Someone left a towel in my aunt and they only new when she had a c-section :S

  2. لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله

  3. hell noooo.... a towel... f***... we used to hear such stories in the other countries but my first time to happen in Oman i guess!!!!

  4. @r: I'm so osrry ot hear about your aunt. And yeah exactly I still don't understand how they could have missed that?

    @Amase: Yeah I was as shocked when I read it..!!

  5. omg a towel wth? more reason to believe that medicine here is just low :S

    i wonder how she knew


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