Omani Halwa met geen Suiker..!!

11:24 AM

For those of you who started scratching their heads when reading the title, and figured out that it must be about Omani Halwa. Then you're right, this post is Omani Halwa exclusive :p  . And no I'm not going to write the usual traditional stuff like you have to taste our halwa and the history behind it blah blah blah. No, this is about  a psecial kind of Halwa,  why special you might say? Well, it has NO SUGAR. 

I just read an article that talks about the efforts of a bunch of guys who are searching for ways to create Halwa with no sugar and no fat. It just threw me off into thinking how on Earth could you get Halwa without using those two crucial ingredients? Then as I continued they talked about the procedure on how they would go about with it. Simply done by using substitutes for fat and sugar. I find it very much creative given that the rate of diabetes is on the role, but yet I still don't know how it would taste like. Substitutes even if it were as natural as ever haven't appealed to me at all. But it's still worth a try no? Would you give it a taste?! 

You can read the full Arabic article here..!!

P.S: The title is in Dutch by the by, and literally means: Omani Halwa with no sugar.

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  1. do they deliver to Kuwait O_o!? hubs adores omani Halwa & I want smth healthy for him! wish i can get sm :)

  2. I want this ASAP
    I love halawa omania we used to eat it from time to time my cuzn's relatives from Oman

  3. @swera: Well deliver? I have no idea, someone should think of such an idea. And I shall give it a taste first then rate if it's really worth having or not.

    @samaher: I'm glad you like halwa since I just L.O.V.E it :L .

  4. noooo way... how come??? what did they use, i know there are some sugar replacement but is it work in Omani's halwa????

  5. That's the thing, we need to taste so we can judge.

  6. Yummy halwa! I found the original recipe. go here


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