Qatar may be stripped of 2022 World Cup...

4:15 PM

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has refused to rule out a re-run of the vote to host the 2022 World Cup if allegations that Qatar paid millions of dollars in bribes to secure its win are proven. 

Blatter, who is seeking re-election next month for a fourth term, said the whistleblower at the centre of corruption claims made by The Sunday Times had agreed to go to FIFA to give evidence in person and a full investigation would take place. 

The paper claimed the whistleblower alleged FIFA members Issa Hayatou and Jacques Anouma were paid $1.5m each to vote for Qatar, which controversially won the 2022 bid in December. 

The Qatar Football Association has branded the allegations as “entirely false”.

Just read this off of Arabian Business and was shocked. I do hope that these allegations are not true and are labelled as stupid or as we Omanis call it 7asad (being envious).  I'm actually speechless, what say you?! 


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  1. wth? honestly? platter is just feeling threatned, first he bashes hamam for electing against him now , bashing qatar with these allegations, they caught two members before the elections, u think anyone will have the courage to contunie bribery after that

    BS crap

  2. WHY THE PANIC, i am a football fan too, but 2022 it too far away for anyone to worry about :-)

  3. am with what omani jewel said
    i don't really care much but for business investors i feel sorry they already started working and buying

  4. Think about the countries that ran a clean campaign - if Qatar wants credibility then it must support an investigation - there have been too questions about the FIFA officials. If Qatar loses the World Cup they can just donate the stadiums to needy countries and buy up tickets for their nationals.

  5. @Omani Jewel & samaher: It not because 2022 is far away but its more to do with reputation, if the allegations turn out to be true, think about how it would affect the entire region, hence the worry.

    @Fairplay: I do agree with Qatar supporting the investigation if they have nothing to hide because in the end they have denied any links and I'd be all with seeing the outcome.


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