Vegetarian Shoes...

12:43 PM

Look at these cute shoes. Aren't they just comfy to wear? Especially in the summer? My eyes sparkled and my feet felt they were about to feel heaven from wearing the constant killer heels, the moment I laid my eyes on them. And they were pink which would match perfectly with my pink scarf. But then...

But then it all came to a halt the moment I read the two words which made my jaw dropped to the floor "Vegetarian Shoes". 

What on Earth is that? I mean I never knew some people took vegetarianism to this extreme. Vegan shoes is one whole other dimension of a world I never knew existed. So I got very curious to know more about it and guess what, they have a whole website for such shoes. Wow, this is really something I thought and just left it to that. But honestly I would have given it a go for sure. 

So what do you think? Would you try them out?

I still can't get myself out of it, Vegan shoes really?! 

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  1. Well.. at least they don't look that veggie.

  2. my feet never fits flats :S i think i will give it a try

  3. Aww those vegan shoes are so beautiful!

  4. its pink 0.0 no way I'd wear them

    am a high heels person, can't wear flat

  5. LOL that's so funny! But I would try them out actually, just for the fun of it.


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