Don't Stop The Partaay..!!

12:59 PM

So last Thursday, our very own Standy hosted a big ass house party that was the highlight of my weekend. Everything from stiletto heels, stylish chic dresses to party lights and loud music made the night perfect. The food was more than amazing as well. It kicked off at 8 pm and we stayed up dancing all night till the crack of dawn, after 3am. DJ Nas mixed the music and they were some fine sick beats I tell ya.  Everyone was in the zone, even the pregnant ladies didn't want to miss out on the fun. 

But then lo and behold, I woke up the next daywith a really bad split headache, my body ached and the hangover kicked in with bang. I stayed my entire Friday indoors in a dark room trying to recuperate. But to be honest, it was worth it and I wouldn't mind doing it again. 

So on behalf of us all, thank you dear Standy for the big party and it was just splendid to get our groove back.

And here's the song of the night..!!

P.S: For any guys out there, it was a ladies exclusive party 3an yeroo7 tafkeerkom ba3eed :p . 

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  1. HEHEHE..

    omg that party was happening.. Thank you so much for coming and making it happen..

    I am still suffering from the hangover of the party.. lol

    aham shay the pregnant ladies.. Man they rocked!!

    And your welcome :*

  2. Sounds like fuuuuuuuuuuun I wanna go parties too

  3. @Standy: I officialy am back in the zone with no hangover thanks to a trip to the spa.

    @samaher & normal: You gurls should pay a trip to the East and visit us in Muscat, I'n sure you'll enjoy as well ;) .

  4. salam, a girls only party. havent tried one yet.
    btw what is the definition of a hangover in line with the paarty, I ask Innocently.

  5. Hangover in the inncoent sense of the word means basically beign intoxicated with junk food and drinks that are filled with very high content of sugar and as well partying too hard that your limbs and every bone in you hurts and hence causing you a headache just to recuperate.

    So basically in easier English it the delayed after effects of having too much fun

  6. Standy surely knows how to PARTAY! LOL :D

  7. ohhh nice.... glad u have fun ^^

  8. Sounds awesome, glad you ladies had fun :D

  9. Sounds awesome! Glad you had fun! xD


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