Heart wrenching...

3:40 PM

Is what happens when you don't use protection. Why would you go along and believe a guy and his love or his lies when you couldn't handle the consequences? I actually had my heart stop when I was told about this story.  A little newborn that was found by the Lulu hypermarket trash bin today morning by cleaners in a friggin' plastic bag. How can you be so heartless and not cover it with warm covering? I can't believe this came out of a mother. They say mothers have the biggest loving and caring hearts ever?! What happened to that? What's ironic is this is on Father's Day where everyone supposedly worldwide celebrates having that male figure who was and will always remain your superman. Poor baby, she doesn't even have a father to look up to. I can't write more about this as my heart just gets torn to pieces. 

I just pray she gets the love she really needs. 

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  1. Omg this is horrible!! Is the baby okay? I can't tell in the picture :-/

    Inshallah the police will find the girl who did this!

  2. POOR BABY!! this makes me to my stomach. If you don't want the baby THERE ARE TONS of people who do so why do they throw the poor baby like she's thrash. ugh i can't read this - makes me angry and sad at the same time. :( :( :( :(

    inshallah she'll get the love.

  3. That's so sad ;( having a baby out of wedlock is wrong but leaving it is worse!

  4. :/ how can anyone...no comment

  5. la 7awl wala qowata ellah bellah! ya welha mn allah :S

  6. la elaha ela Allah.... she has no heart a9lan... but this news was from months ago... or this is another story?

  7. Unfortunately, this happens more often that we think it does. My Islamic teacher told me she got a call from her Muslim 13-year-old student telling her she was at the police station (the girl was too scared to call her parents- of course, they eventually were reported of the tragic behavious) 'cause they found her infant dumped in a trash can. The girl was dating a guy older than her n they hooked up and brought a poor who kid who's a victim of their sins. I just pray enno Allah yehdeehom - all of them our there.
    It's normal to feel this way but it's out of our hands to do anything except pray. Feel better inshallah :D

  8. @Amal: The baby is admitted to hospital that's the last I've heard. But hopefully she's healthy, alive and kicking.

    @normal: I totally get what you feel.

    @r.alsharif: Exactly, it's just so wrong on so many levels.

    @Amase: This was yesterday.

    @heaven: Yeah I know there's nothing but to pray but the notion that it's 3adi to dump a baby 3ashan el nas ma ye3arfu while rab el 3alameen 3athabeh akbar. This is what really gets me annoyed and hurt. Allah ye3eena w ye7meena kelna men 3athabeh.

  9. SubhanAllah! This is so distressing... I'm tryna think what must've bn going through that girls mind... Did she fear her family (or her society's) backlash so much that she would desert her child in such a manner?!?
    These reports are increasing on a regular basis... something has to be done.
    It's a communal responsibility to protect our societies from Zina, not an individual one. The youth need to realize its seriousness & bad affects - instability of families and societies, spread of fatal diseases, prevalence of illegitimate children, disintegration of the family, children not being cared for properly and having a bad upbringing, increase in divorce rates, spread of crime etc etc.
    We should strive to facilitate the shar’i way to have sexual relationships, make that process easier instead of hindering it - it's not all about wealth & tribalism - parents need not be so extreme in dowries... Also more care for the children & nurturing, bringing them up inlove and fear of their creator not from their society and peers, teaching them the sunnah... asking their advice & opinions on matters in their younger age, conversing with them, knowing their friends, whilst at the same time giving them space, befriending them... may Allah guide us to what he loves and is pleased with.

    Alhamdulillahi rab el alameen

    Salam Alaykum

  10. Poor baby, I hope she's doing good now :( Wait until you see more nasty parents. Once I read that in China, a pair of heartless parents, threw their baby on the street to let the car run over the baby to dispose the corpse! F***tard!


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