Safe Style or Studded Fashionable Sex?!

11:22 AM

So it's a no brainer that we all have it registered in our brains that 1 dollar condoms are something of a necessity to those who are sexually active blah blah blah. But what cracked me up was the fact that even condoms had designer written all over them. Why? When it's going to be used and thrown away anyway? It's like having Dior tissue paper all over your house that equates to a tiny fortune. But Marc Jacobs & Chanel condoms for $279 for a 12 pack of condoms? Honestly? Even the packaging bears the iconic Chanel logo with the text stating “FOR USE BY TRENDY SLUTS”. You don’t get much cooler than that? Are you serious?! *shakes head*

Well at least that's better than the newest invention, the condom gun. Apparently it's user friendly as it is stated. The gun is a white plastic gun with the script “Rubber for Lover” artfully placed on the barrel. The condom itself goes in place of bullets in the cartridge. What it is said that many men would feel super awesome and confident by pulling out this gun. Hmmm is that so guys?! 

All hail the advancement of the human brain as I crack up and roll laughing from all of this. 

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  1. Just another invention for the rich and bored. Who else would spend $279 on condoms lol

    & I've seen that Chanel condom thing for a long time now, but I always thought someone just photoshopped it. They really make condoms?? How tacky!

  2. That's stupid
    Any way I sent it to my husband :P

  3. @Amal: Yes they dooo and it's just tacky..!!

    @samaher: I'm dying to know what his reaction will be.

  4. at least something useful :p i wont mind honestly rofl

  5. LOOOOL :D Chanel classy :P

  6. What next? Designer toothbrushes? Or maybe they'll get creative and make designer water

  7. @r.alsharif: Designer water already exists.


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