Ramadhan Mubarak

8:54 PM

Why hello hello...

I missed you guys, and yes yes I know I suck big time for not updating but seriously life has been very much chaotic and only recently did I get myself back with a grip on things. Anyhow, there's no better perfect time but to  come back and revive this blog now.  Kel 3am w intu b5eir and hope you have a fantastic pleasant Ramadhan inshallah filled with happiness and rejoice with your families and friends.

I'll be back tomorrow with a major update on why I have been MIA.

Loads of love and hugs,

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  1. WB!! We missed you! ;*

    Kil 3am wintay b5air o yen3ad 3alaich bil9i7a wil 3afya inshala ;**

  2. kl 3am wenty b5er o yn3ad 3alech be9e77a wel 3afia ya rb :*

  3. I wondered where you went. Ramadan Mubarak Rummy! :)

  4. mabook 3aleeki el shahar and nice to see you back =)


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