All GENDERS can breastfeed...

4:26 PM

While my husband David had no interest in nursing our son, we both were intrigued with the idea. We had just had our first unassisted home-birth and were excited about applying our positive thinking techniques to other aspects of our lives.
David began telling himself that he would lactate, and within a week, one of his breasts swelled up and milk began dripping out. When we excitedly showed my father (a physician) David's breast he said, "Obviously there's something physiologically wrong with David." The fact that David had willed himself to do this, did not impress him. We knew, however, that this was yet another example of the power of the mind.

I read this as I got intrigued when I heard a few peeps talk about men lactating. To my surprise, I totally and I mean totally feel disgusted. I still don't understand how the power of mind has to do with anything. If that was the case then I would have been able to lactate if I put my mind to it, which won't happen or get pregnant whenever I wanted to without the need of any scientific explanation or better yet stop my menstruation cycle and never ever get those cramps ever again. I mean seriously?! What has the world come to?  How about we try this power of mind vs. science game? 

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  1. Rummy, men have breasts too. It doesn't really have to do with mind power; they're breasts! I don't see why you find it so strange.

    I remember my mother talking about a man in Salalah who got milk dripping out of his breats (but I don't know if he breastfeed his child). That happened after his wife passed away and left him with a little baby. He had to take care of his child all by himself, and one day he noticed mill come out...

  2. LOOL i've seen something like this before on the telly. Nope, sorry I think breastfeeding = women.

  3. @Mimi: Read the post again hun, I never stated in any point that it was strange. All I said was it was disgusting. And I do know that men have breasts hellooo they get breast cancer as well.

    Anyhow, lactating has all to do with certain types of hormones and not will power which I was actually pointing out when I quoted the text up above.

  4. omgfg wtf xD thats gayish and stupid , women have big boobs for a reason

  5. It is as disgusting as a woman's breast dripping milk.


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