IELTS = Stupid way of wasting money

6:48 PM

Is it me or does everyone go through this whole bureaucracy thing? Why do governmental offices everywhere require tons and tons of paperwork even if you show them that a simple issue can be dealt with professionally and in a very short time span rather than taking sometimes years. Why does it have to be this way in this part of the world? 

A few months ago I applied for an MSc. Research program in Sultan Qaboos University where I was told by the faculty that I have excelled the selection criteria and should be hearing from them about being admitted into the program. Three months down the line, I get a conditional acceptance letter stating that I have to do IELTS.  Seriously you'd get surprised on the little knick knacks you'd have to do. What's surprising was that the head of the faculty said I didn't need to do it. But as per usual there's always no mutual cooperation between faculties of colleges and the admissions deanship which I find so bizarre, and I am obliged to waste money on something that I seriously do NOT need. Why on Earth?! Aren't the faculty more knowledgeable on who knows English and who is the best candidate to be admitted to the program? Seriously? I'm still annoyed that I'm wasting money on something that just needed a waiver if cooperation actually existed in governmental departments here in Oman. Allah yi9abarana (God gives us patience) inshallah

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  1. *siiiiigh* and here I thought u guys had it better, less bureaucracy, but guess all gulf countries are the same. I wonder when will we actually "develop"

    G'luck with the program :)

  2. @Vainglorious: I think it's the Arab way of working. It gets on my nerves and thanks for the well wishes ;) .

  3. sucks xD i went through that too, its valid 2 years thats why

  4. Miss u girl

    It's true but ppl here always adopt things in a wrong way and blindly, i mean the IELTS need to be apply for some fields only but suddenly in Oman and strangely everywhere the IELTS become required

    keep blogging ok???

  5. @ Amase: Missed you too hun and I'll definitely keep on blogging 3ashan 5a6rek ;)


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