If you live in the tallest builiding in the world, you should fast longer...

12:54 PM

“Residents on 80-150 floors should also perform evening and night prayers two minutes late and dawn prayers two minutes earlier while those above the 150th level should delay their evening and night prayers by three minutes and bring forward dawn prayers by three minutes,” he said. 

“This difference in timing on the 160-storey building is because sun sets later for residents on top floors while these residents are the first to see the sun at dawn.”

I never knew about this fatwa until I read the newspaper. So there you have it, no having iftar to the sound of the athan on the TV though why hasn't the fatwa come earlier though? Burj Khalifa existed last year as well. 

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  1. So they should just run down to the lower floor, break their fast and then run back to their apartment, problem...:) Problem solved..:)


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