Omani BB Boycott

5:41 PM

So apparently a boycott is going to be taking place for those who have Blackberry phones in Oman come Monday. The demands are to increase the MBs size of the service, lower the price of the plan and as well to activate BB app world since we have no access to it. 

I find it well worthy given in comparison to other neighboring countries our service sucks to the core. We don't have something called unlimited MBs since it is as expensive as ever. In other GCC countries, an unlimited service plan equals to less than 10 Omani rials while for us here in Oman to have the same we'd have to pay not less than 29 Omani rials  for a service plan that doesn't work 3/4 of the time. And for those who have prepaid it costs 9 Omani rials for 50 MB per month which finishes off in a few days, that is if you try to use the BB service for anything other than the BB Messenger. 

What do you think? Is it worth making a scene and call out for its boycott? Or should Omanis just be thankful that they have a BB service in the first place? 

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  1. I don't have a BB, but I hear people complain all the time. These BB users are addicted to BBM, I don't think the boycotting will work since many wont participate.

  2. @Nabsj: If you read the poster above, it actually says that they are boycotting the service and not the BBM. They can still interact with each other through BBM using wireless.

  3. Your last sentence, 'should Omanis be thankful they have bb in the first place' is exactly what these companies are thinking right now :) that we thould be grateful to them for providing a service, even if it's shitty - hey at least you have one!! Hate that attitude.

  4. Well Fatewm that's exactly why I said it. It annoys the hell out of me and when you look around in the telecom industry most of them act as ignorants when it comes to providing the best customer service. Absolutely awful.


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