Yanni coming to Oman.. YAY..!!

4:28 PM

So I got the news yesterday that Yanni is to play in Oman. The news got me goosebumps, and super excited. So now Muscat is going to join the Forbidden City and Taj Mahal as a venue of Yanni's music *sighs*.  The concert is a charity bid for the blind and all returns will go for the benefit of Al Noor Association for the Blind.  

Update: Just got info that it is going to be held in Sultan Qaboos University's cultural center and it is organised by Black & White Oman.  

Now it shall be my quest to get a ticket to go and have a BLAST.. Can't hardly wait...

Anyone interested in joining? 

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  1. I already heard abt it by one of the sponsor company...
    I will try my best to go inshaAllah

  2. any idea where to get the tickets from?

  3. I heard about this a while back from a friend who is part of the organizing committee and am super excited! xD Can't wait to go! :)


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