One Lovely Blog Award...

12:20 PM

Wow and the awards keep on coming... 

Big thanks again to lovely Standy, you're ah-mazing and stay that way 

So I have to write 7 things about myself...
1. I absolutely can't stand the hospital sanitary smell, it literally makes me throw up and faint. 

2. I used to cry from anger whenver I was absent. I absolutely hated not going to school. Yes I loved school that much.

3. I am a very very loud person when talking.

4. I published my first scientific paper at the age of 19.

5. My bestest friends I have in this whole wide world are my sisters who are 21 and 17.

6. My music taste is all about how emotional it can make me be. 

7. I speak more than 3 languages...

I forward this award to:
1. Amase

2. Ckz
3. Hope
4. Samaher 
5. Kitten
6. r.alsharif

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  1. i think we share no.6..

    3. yes you are LOOL but i like it =D

  2. Thanks for the award. Posted 7 things about me too :)

  3. ohhhh thanx i will post mine inshaalllah today

  4. I agree with number one! Blah! And mashallah 4 is really impressive! :D What languages do you speak?
    Thank you for the award, I've done a post on it

  5. I speak English, Arabic, Swahili, Dutch and Spanish ;) .

  6. wow rummmy... how did u learn spanish??? u always impress me...

  7. I learnt it because it was compulsory to take a second language in university.

  8. are u just the best <3 :D woho


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