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So apparently the Ministry of Education have been talking for ages about plans to refurbish the teachers' rooms across public schools because in all honesty they are aboslutely awful. They expect teachers to pay from their own pocket to make the place look pretty when chairs and tables in the room aren't enough, when you have around 40 teachers if not more crammed in one room and sharing three to four mid size tables that fit 4 to 6 people.

Anyhow, my friends who are teachers kept on piercing my ears with the same news for  months now as if I was listening to a broken tape recorder. The news was that new furniture would be around when they show up for the brand new academic semester. And lo and behold, here's the furniture they got. A couple of uncomfortable chairs and a couple of tables, when the count of teachers surpasses those numbers. Seriously?

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  1. I thought this was the before shot and when I scrolled down, expecting to see the new ones turns out these were the new ones! how shocking o_O

  2. Seriously WTF! Change the tables, chairs, drawers, cupboards everything!!

  3. as expected from the ministry xD fail

  4. I have to second Samaher tariq - like wtf!?


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