Sun & Moon: Chapter One

1:35 PM

The weather was as sweet and as breathtaking as ever. She smiled as she took in that intoxicating smell of cinnamon rolls, buttery croissants and heavenly bread. Walking past a bakery, she felt she tasted a bit of paradise while shutting her eyes for a brief moment. 

Holding and gripping the strap of her vintage shiny Chanel bag she continued walking past the green trees and the small red brick houses aligned right next to each other. The houses weren't anything like she was used to. There weren't any huge garage spaces up front to house the cars nor were the houses massive. The cars she was accustomed to were replaced with bikes and skateboards. Looking up at the blue sky filled with fluffy bright white clouds, she stopped at the magnificence of God's creation. She noticed how fast the clouds moved which mesmerized her. In her wellingtons, she started to pick up pace and walk faster to catch up to the fast moving white up above. She began jogging as she took in the fresh country air. She broke into an even larger smile as she clenched her bag and began to run. She was set free at last, away from all that restrictions and away from the pain and heart break. 

She was finally free to explore and make her own mistakes. Looking up now, it was a dark grey sky that sheltered her. A tiny drop of water touched her forehead. As she closed her eyes she left herself at the mercy of the rain. Giggling and laughing, she felt reborn again. She would start her life all over again with a clean clear first chapter. There was finally new hope for life, for love, for existence. 

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  1. This would be fun to read :D
    Loving the details Rummy

  2. oooh I'm loving the start of the story i love the details. can't wait for your next post. I'm craving Cinnamon rolls now :(

  3. nice intro , it seems she was a girl that was caged and went abroad =D , keep it rum !


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