Sun & Moon...

12:40 PM

So yes it's about time I updated this blog. And yes I know it has been so long since I last posted. Life has been pretty dramatic and busy lately. 

Anyhow, I already started writing a new story right after finishing No Matter What, I just never had the time to polish it up. However, tomorrow inshallah I'll be posting the first chapter. 

It's another love story, something that I love writing about. Very different I might add from the previous ones I've written. Hope you like it. I decided to give it the title Sun & Moon because it's all about how opposites attract. 

So stay tuned and keep your eyes set to read a new story starting tomorrow. 

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  1. finally! You're back. Wow you've been gone for so long:p Hope everything is okay. You haven't passed by in a while either. Read My love story one of my posts it'll explain to you what you missed. Yaayy a new story :D

  2. Yes I'm back and I'm trying to catch up on what I missed with you. You're back with A and I'm intrigued to know what exactly happened...

    Thanks for checking up on me luv ;)


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