You pass or fail because of your weight...

12:55 PM

Schools across Malaysia are giving students another reason to dread their report cards by grading them on their weight.

The move is part of a government push to curb obesity that includes banning school cafeterias from selling junk food and sugar-laden soft drinks.

Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai says report cards will soon add students’ body mass index to the traditional academic grades so parents can decide if their children should watch their diet. Body mass index is a measurement based on weight and height.

Liow announced the policy, effective immediately, in a speech published in Malaysian newspapers Monday.

The Health Ministry estimates that about a quarter of Malaysian children are now overweight and more than 10 percent are obese.

Hmmm now isn't that a bit extreme. I mean I understand condemning parents but weight has a grade on your report card. That's just plain cruel in my opinion. What if it's hereditary would that mean that you'll always fail and what if you were anorexic would that mean that you'd get a full mark. It's just plain outrageous.

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  1. Lame seriously! This is not the new implementation in Malaysia btw, my report card during my primary and secondary schools also recorded my weight! Its a policy, what to do :P

  2. LOOL. That's so bad. LMAO i dunno what to say really this is so weird

  3. @C: Oh really? I had no idea just read it off the Washington post and said I should post about it.

    @normal: That was exactly my reaction at first.


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