Dubai Cola

10:26 AM


 Dubai Cola will not be made in the UAE.

It is being produced by a German company that hopes to cash in on the luxurious image the emirate has abroad, said Sophia Grewe, the sales and marketing manager for the Dubai Cola Company.

"We could have called it something else, like Date Cola," Ms Grewe said at the Gulfood exhibition in Dubai, where the drink was launched yesterday.

"But Dubai is really a name all around the world that is connected with luxury."

So would you try this date flavored cola? I'm actually dying to try it out and check how it simply tastes.They have their own dedicated website for it

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  1. Doesn't Cola always taste the same? I actually don't taste the difference and besides, I'm not a fan of coke;p more of a fanta girl!

  2. I think its going to taste :~ date and gas dont mi well

  3. Well I ghave no idea how it would taste like but from the likes of it, it doesn't look like cola and dates actually mix


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