Omani Women's Day...

12:15 PM

So yesterday was Omani Women's Day, most big shot Omani women got invited to several events marking the occasion, some were presented with awards, some gave out speeches and some renewed their vow to conquer the culture of controlling men and vowed to raise their voice. But then there's another faction of Omani women, mostly those who are amongst the majority who cry foul play. They don't believe in having such a day. They find it distasteful and a disgrace. They actually mention that this is just another way to show that women are vulnerable and weak. Their feminist claims are women are equal to men and a day in jubilation of being a woman is just purely overboard and not fair to the entire Omani female population. 

I actually didn't know that a lot of my peers felt that way to be honest. I felt proud to be congratulating throughout the day and wish every lady a Happy Omani Women's Day. Do I support this day? Well of course I do, in the end it's very rare to find such a thing in this part of the world. Would I cry out saying that I am equal to men? No, because let's face it we never will be over here so it's time to just suck it up and agree to the fact that even though we are free to do whatever we want in this country, culture still depicts a lot of your life no matter how feminist you turn out to be. I am not trying to say not to fight back but I have come to peace with that fact and it actually makes my day blossom to an even better day than I would expect it to be.  

I am thankful for all the chances and opportunities my country has given me but going out screaming that what your country is doing is wrong is purely unjust. If you want to show your teeth and your evil side then unleash yourself in front of the face of culture and not the government. 

What do you think? Are you for or against this whole jubilation of Omani Women's Day? 

P.S: It's funny how those who claim these feminist claims are born and raised in Muscat. I wonder how they would have viewed the issue if they actually lived in other regions of Oman.

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  1. since i'm not omani i feel like i don't have anything i should say about this buuuut i don't see anything wrong with this day. It's nice.

  2. I think that it makes sense what some women say about if we're equal to men then we don't need a women's day, but in all honesty we are not. The obvious divide between men and women is still very evident here in Oman, unfortunately. However, the fact that we have a National Women's Day shows that we are making progress. So one day, there may not be the need for people to think that there needs to be such a day. :)


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