Stupidity or Genius?

9:21 AM

The other day as I was having lunch with a bunch of acquaintances, basically a bunch of peeps who I haven't had proper conversations with but for the 'Salam 3aleikum w 3aleikum salam keif 7alish' scenario, I was astounded by how they actually were so open with everything that happened in their lives. 

These girls were ready to mingle but well not really because they have boyfriends? It's a very complex definition which I haven't had a term for yet. But yeah that's how they define themselves? Anyhoo, so they went on and on about how intimacy is such a really big factor in their lives and how they can't live without it. What was even astounding was them admitting that they don't care what people might think so long as she is content and happy. All I had to say to that was 'You go gurl, good for you'. It's not everyday where you find girls who don't remotely consider the so called 'reputation' as many of our good fellow male counterparts label it. 

But then as we proceeded with having our lovely lunch, which was to die for, one of the girls turned to me and asked me a weird question: 'So Rummy, men illi ye9ref 3aleesh?' (Rummy, who is the one who pays for you?) And I couldn't help but almost choke on my mushroom soup that was delicious btw. 

'Excuse me?'
'C'mon, Rummy don't be shy, who is he?'
'Errrm, my father if that's what you mean? He pays for the ....'
'No silly Rummy, you still don't get it, who's the one you love?'
'He's name is called none of your business?'
'So you have none? Poor you wallah'

What poor me? I still couldn't get what she was trying to hint out. Was it because I had no interest in what they were talking about or was it just pure female curiosity? I ignored her and continued having my soup until the other one said 'Well the one who takes care of my bills is a pilot, and the one I love is a legal assistant'. Ohhhh so that's what she was referring to. My mind couldn't help but scream out 'Polygamy, OMG POLYGAMY..!!!'  as my jaw literally dropped to the floor while they turned their heads to look at me.

Now their justification on their actions was even more epic. They explained that a girl in Oman has to have two men to look out for her; one to pay for anything she asks for and the other is the boyfriend who satisfies her in other intimate ways. Basically the one who pays for her is the ex-boyfriend who she dumps. Usually, it's a married guy, preferably one who is 20 years her senior. This guy pays for absolutely everything, from phone bills, giving her a monthly allowance to shop and one of the girls actually had her Sugar Daddy get her a brand new car.  To top it all off, the Sugar Daddy is the one who gets the actual real boyfriend gifts. Their excuse was, 'I'd never ever take out my money to buy him a gift since the other guy is in the picture. Why waste my money?' So what they do is, get the ex to buy the expensive present, wrap it and then deliver it to her. She takes care of the rest, which is basically giving it to the boyfriend. Most of the time the other dude; the lover, is in the dark and has no idea whatsoever on this other ex. 

This not only shocked me, but it absolutely got me flabbergasted and wondering if what they think is a genius plan was in fact just plain stupid. What has the world come to? Here we are getting women that cry out for equal rights between men and women and on the other hand we find women who play men like a deck of cards and take advantage of them to the core. Although I feel a hint of satisfaction since they are getting punished in an unexpected way, for cheating on their wives. But still, what do you think? Is it purely clever and genius or just plain dumb and stupid

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  1. Omg wth! It's completely stupid. It may be working right now, bes a5rat'ha nothing good will come from it.


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