Tom, Dick & Harry = Majlis Al Shura Candidates

12:20 PM

If you have been to Oman recently or live here then you most definitely have witnessed the big billboards and ads that have been all over the place currently. Apparently every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be elected so then maybe one day they can be ministers. Well everyone has the right to dream and I won't be a person to stop in their way. But what annoys the hell out of me are some specific people who want to step on everyone's toes so they get on top. 

An incident that happened recently, well last week got me raged. A certain candidate called for a secret meeting for all the ladies she knew. The meeting was all about asking these 'ladies' to help her get elected. Apparently she is prepared to pay cash for phone bills, give them 'ladies' extra cash as a bonus and if she gets elected she'd pay God knows what to them. But then everyone was wondering what was secretive about the meeting since almost every one running for office is luring everyone with almost similar lucrative offers? 

And then comes the big fat chunk that makes it secretive. This certain candidate actually wants women to camp at the polls around Oman and take advantage of old women who are illiterate. So basically act like you are helping the old lady but instead just get her voting slip and use it to vote for this candidate. Seriously? Is she actually dead serious that she wants that? That was the reaction she got and she replied back with 'Well, all we are doing is helping these old women who know nothing and have no knowledge'

Outrageous and absolutely disgusting. She wants to run for office when she actually believes that old women are fools? Let me tell you something missy, these women are Oman. We would have been nothing without them. They raised us and made Oman what it is. How dare you say that illiterate women know nothing? Yes, they don't read and they don't write but they by far surpass our knowledge by a clear mile. Absolutely disrespectful. 

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  1. Oh wow!

    That's cause to have her at least spoken to by the authorities for election fraud.. at least intent to defraud the elections!

  2. OMG seriously,Mein 7alat ashkalhoom ya3ni.
    Let them prove that they are capable to make a difference then we will vote for them.

  3. I'm sorry but whoever she is sounds like someone not fit to run, specially since she's bribing people :s

  4. dookum!!!!! :S

    '3abiya... if that is her mentality i hope she doesnt get elected!!!

  5. *siiiigh* 3indina o 3indkom 5air... I wonder mita ib neftak mn hal ashkal :(


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