Will We Ever Learn The Lesson?!

2:59 PM

So this was the front page of Al Shabiba Newspaper today, and the title says it all 'We never learnt our lesson'. As much as I agree with this, I'm actually infuriated with how the whole issue was handled. The Civil Defense went as far as to say 'Enjoy, relax and have patience till this is over'. It's been FIVE years since Oman became a zone of tropical systems, some were bad, some were serious and some were normal but to reach to an extent that no alarm or notice was issued makes me question how serious we take these conditions when we get hit. 

Many people went on minding their own business, heading to work, attend meetings and what not but only for them to get stranded, injured or killed as a result of this. Is it negligence from our side? Is it taking it for granted by the authorities or is it what? Hospitals collapsed, buildings got affected, cars got taken away by the wadis and flash floods, roads got blocked and lives got endangered; 49 people died in 3 days. Seriously?! RISK MANAGEMENT is seriously in need here. 

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  1. we go through this every year too allah ye3eeen

  2. Ahh well our country is never ready for such incidents.. and tru I guess 'they\we' never learn.. !


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