Sun & Moon: Chapter Six

7:39 PM

First of all I apologize for not updating, I have been caught up with exams and publishing a scientific paper that not enough hours of the day were enough to squeeze in everything

Anyhow, this is a short prologue if it may be, I'll further continue it during the Eid vacayyyy inshallah. Eid Mubarak to all of you and hope you and your respective families enjoy it to the max.

It was dark and gloomy, the air was dry, she felt she was about to choke only she coughed so hard her ribcage felt it was going to rub against her insides vigorously. She felt pain; sharp hurtful shocks around her chest made her turn to the other side only she couldn't. She was stuck; she struggled even more only to feel extra weight on top of her. She couldn't see what was around her, she couldn't see what was in front of her; it was pitch black. She was trying to scream for help but her voice was mute.

The air around became dewy and moist, she heard breathing sounds which made her panic. ’Who are you? She wanted to ask but her voice to still remain mute. With a palpating heart she shivered scared of what was going on around her. She could now sense the weight shift to the top of her, she could smell the cologne which mixed with the smell of his breath; she knew who the person was. Feeling her hope of escaping sink, she gave up fighting and simply chose to remain still. 'You think u can leave it all behind?' He shouted at her, piercing her ears. She sobbed quietly knowing she’s trapped, she cried regretting what she once chose, what she once did and what she once believed was her destiny.

Ah, ha, ha, ha,
Stayin' alive.
Stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha,
Stayin' alaaaaaiiiiiiiii

Loud music came from the next room; it was so loud for a Saturday morning. The sun was out of its hiding place and bright. The fields were getting filled with picnic baskets and mats. Sanaa was still in deep sleep, she was tossing and turning. She looked as if she was suffocating, like she was in trouble. She was trying to break free. Loud moans and screams filled her warm blue room. 'Nooooo' she opened her eyes in tears. She wept in shock of her nightmare. It was recurring every night. She was quivering in fear as her heart raced. She sobbed even more remembering how that nightmare was actually true.

Sanaa felt she was in need of comfort of a crying shoulder; she needed a protector who would shed all those horrible dreams and dissolve her haunting past, her closest friend who would make her laugh. Getting up from her bed in her bugs bunny pajamas, she grabbed her keys and rushed out the door to find him. Getting into the elevator pressing 2, she waited as the doors opened to her destination. Looking for the number 218, she slammed on the door with her two hands waiting for him to open. Opening the door she screamed out his name 'Bastiaan' only for a blonde Amazonian like tall girl to emerge from behind the door.

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