Black Magic for a Black Abbaya...

12:32 PM

My sister sent me a pic of this, and I couldn't handle but crack up.

For those who don't read Arabic, it's basically a notice asking the person who stole a certain abbaya with brown embroidery to return it back or else the owner will do black magic and let the thief regret ever stealing it. 

Black magic for an abbaya? I mean if it was a diamond ring I'd understand but ABBAYA? The one which will be thrown away after a while because its torn, short, ...etc?! Really?! She must be very fond of it, which makes me think, what made her remove it in the first place?!

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  1. LOOL!!! That got me laughing as well! :p

  2. '3abat il bint!! LOL
    How and why would someone steal an abbaya? seem that this incident happened in the workplace..
    hmm i wonder if the abbaya was returned..!

  3. Hahaha ! i've seen this,and what's funnier is that she really thinks it'll come back to her! LMAO :r

  4. these kind of posters are coming like a trend these days >.<


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