Doodles has a Facebook page...

12:21 PM

And yes now you can follow up on all the news and start discussions on the Doodles' facebook page. 


Here's the link to the page, it'd be absolutely awesome if you could pay it forward and get those silent readers to like the page as well. 

Oh for those who are waiting for a new chapter. I will hopefully be posting on Sunday next week, as I'm pretty overwhelmed with a lot for now. 

So click like on the top right of the webpage, for now... 

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  1. long time no see Rummy. You don't pass by anymore. Lol I don't know that actually cause I disappeared. Missed your posts. MashAllah you've reached to par 9! Congrats on the magazine and facebook babe xx

  2. Hey hun. OMG you're back. Tried stopping by your blog so many times but you disappeared with no trace. I'm super glad you're back *hugs*


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