A New Dawn & A New Day...

11:04 AM

It's 8 in the morning, freezing cold (I get cold pretty easily), and hungry. I am stuck at some random computer typing and jotting down my thoughts on 2012. Some say its the end of the world and some well don't care, it's a regular day anyhow no? 

But given we are few days away, I think it's the perfect time to formulate some resolutions. So here they are:

- Start training for a half marathon
- Start on my MSc. Thesis 
- Pamper myself with treatments and spa visits
- Have a grand 25th birthday party (never organized myself a party & what better way than my 25th eh?)
- Get myself a tablet and an iPhone
- Get myself more piercings (one in each ear sounds good)
- Be better at my job (I'm always there on time, I just need more quality enhancement)
- Get my jeans, skirts and abbayas trimmed (I'm too short for any off the rack clothes to fit)  
- Be much more spiritual and in touch with Allah
- Memorize the long surahs
- Buy myself a land
- Have a birthday wish list (maybe this time I'll actually get gifted with what I need and want)
- Spend more quality time with family
- Be more active in the social scene

That basically sums it all up. So what resolutions do you have for 2012?! 

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  1. Best of luck Rummy. And being the person you are (blogger and all the fun stuff) i think a tablet will be a perfect start to 2012 ;)
    Happy new year in advance

  2. Thanks Maria, and yes I agree. I think it's high time that I buy myself a tablet. Makes it all easier..!!

  3. Ahhh...

    Make a plan for my masters
    Travel travel TRAVEL!
    Work on my writing
    Work on spirituality
    Lose 10 KG :)

  4. Nadia, now the travelling part got me to add it to my resolution :L .

  5. THUMBS up to this
    - Pamper myself with treatments and spa visits ;)
    Good luck with achieving them! x

  6. you should change the ( iPhone ) to ( Android )=P


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