Fight for them or Eat them?!

11:38 AM

Time: 8 pm
Place: Marbella, Spain
View: Amazingly breathaking

Sitting in a comfy orange beach chair sipping some fresh cool refreshing mango juice, the salty smell of the beach penetrated into my nose. The sandy beach and calm sea was right in front of me to take in. The feel of the nice breeze brushing over my skin made me go ecstatic. It took me to another world. The sea was my safe haven and always will be. It's the only place where I could spend hours and days just meditating and contemplating at its underwater wonders.

Given the fact of my fasicnation of the sea and marine life, I decided from a very young age how amazingly cool and awesome it would be if I could do something to be a sea superhero. I had an uncle who was a marine biologist and he always locked my brainwaves in an awe when he started talking about the sea and how magnificent its creatures are. How it is sad that we humans are really causing a lot of trauma, depeletion and loss.

YES I'm a marine scientist, but then a big question mark gets raised every single time someone sees me feasting on a yummy mouthwatering lobster thermidor, or a nice sour hot hamour. Why are you eating them? I thought you were against it? That's the number one question that I get bombarded with. I am NOT against eating fish, in fact I find it the most nutritional among any other type of protein. 

Studying and being fascinated about the sea doesn't necessarily mean that I refrain from eating seafood, I just strive to look into what would sustain a better environment, after all they are living creatures that deserve to live comfortably as they have since the beginning of time. I would only refrain if I know that the seafood on my plate is an endangered species which would lead to a whole issue on how the supplier got his hands on them in the first place. Otherwise its all good, I do EAT seafood. 

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  1. You're a marine scientist? That's actually really cool. And I love seafood too so I won't judge you for eating them lol. It's not like you're killing them out of cruelty or anything.

  2. Shaihrah we shall be buddies for life for the sole reason that you understand me :rainbow .

  3. Hala has been a while since my last comment. It's funny how people's perception could be... if you are nutritionist that doesn't necessarily mean that you eat healthy diet or you have the perfect weight or body. Study or being something doesn't reflect ur personality, perceptions or attitude on the matter.


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