Sun & Moon: Chapter Eleven

11:43 AM

Walking their usual routine walk out of the library, it was chilly more than usual. Sanaa could see how her sighs would translate into something touchable, a cold white mist which seemed like she just breathed out smoke. She loved to exhale with her mouth, when the weather was cold, the pallid murky warm haze. The horizon looked mesmerizing with the hint of orange lights mixing into the indigo sky and the dark black shades of the clouds heavy with rain. The weather was too cold to bear walking with bare skin; Sanaa tucked her chin under her heavy winter coat and knitted scarf as her warm rainbow fuzzy woolen gloves covered her delicate soft hands. She tried her best to cover up but she was still fragile to the freezing temperatures that she could feel it creeping into her bones. She looked right beside her and couldn’t get how Bastiaan was walking chin high as if it wasn’t cold. He had his leather jacket on with his hands tucked into the side pockets. He was walking as if he was this giant ruling king; so confident, manly with that typical Dutch poise. He could see from the corner of his left eye how Sanaa was looking at him. He tried his level best to ignore the stare of her inviting eyes. He could see how cute the woolen hat looked on her as it covered her ears. She seemed like a small kid looking for a lost puppy. Her big rounded eyes still kept on gazing at him as she got lost in the moment. He breathed in trying to ignore, he didn’t want to ruin the surprise he had for her. It was a make it or break it moment that he didn’t want to spoil. ‘It should be perfect’ he told himself as they passed the romantic calm canal.

Reaching to the big three trees standing tall and wide near their dorm building, he gave in to the temptation; to look deep into the windows of her soul. Sanaa felt exposed and stripped from all the barriers she built against this; to protect her from what would happen. Looking into her eyes, he smiled at her, brightening her already vivid day. He tilted his head to the side as his grin widened to show the only yellow tooth at the very back end of his mouth. She tilted her head mimicking what he did and started showing signs of a coy smile. He tilted his head to the other side and she followed doing the same move; Sanaa felt like her toddler brother who would imitate and replicate everything she would do. With the memory of the fun she had with her brother and the mellowness she felt at that moment, she couldn’t help but let out a laugh. Bastiaan felt his heart skip a beat with the sound of her voice, as he froze taking in the features of her face; the oval shaped face, the long striking Arabic nose, her cleft chin and the long eyelashes contouring her eyes. Walking up to her, he decided that it was the perfect time to confess. He came closer while pulling out his hands from his pocket and hurriedly drew out out an envelope from the inside of his jacket. Clearing his throat, he could see Sanaa trying to figure out what was happening and what the envelope in his hand was all about. ‘So I got you something’ he told her as Sanaa as he showed a nervous simper. He didn’t know if she was the one to like surprises or not. Swallowing in his worries, he let out a anxious laugh as he opened the envelope. He continued as he looked at her ‘I was wondering if you were going to be free this Saturday’ in hopes of getting a positive answer. ‘But why?’ Sanaa asked curiously as she tried figuring out if she had no deadlines to meet. ‘Just answer the question please?’ Bastiaan’s voice came out in a different tone; earnest, persuasive and pleading. She never heard him pleading her for an answer before, she felt mellow and warm. It was the first time in a very long time she felt needed. ‘Yes, yes’ Sanaa replied quickly as he heard his voice that had a hint of hurt had she refused. Content and pleased, Bastiaan grabbed her hand pulling her close as he said ‘Well I have tickets to see Coldplay’ showing her the pair of VIP tickets he held in his hand. Drawing her hands close to her mouth, Sanaa was in shock and dismay. She didn’t know how to react for a moment. Once ecstasy hit her brainwaves at the news Sanaa jumped in a big bear hug over Bastiaan. Shocked at the sense of weight on him, he closed his eyes as he hugged her back. Bastiaan was overwhelmed; he didn’t know if he was supposed to whisper in her ear and tell her how he really felt about her. He didn’t know if the hug was because of being a good friend or potentially the door for something more than that.

It was 1 AM; she was leaning on the wall of the elevator. She was tired, exhausted but happy and overjoyed. It was a day filled with fun, and laughs and talks. Bastiaan made most of her days eventful; she never had a boring day. She smirked as she pulled out the souvenir of the night; a tissue napkin that had a hangman puzzle, which spelt out ‘Coldplay’. She couldn’t wait till Saturday, it was going to be huge; the most fun she has ever had. Her favorite band, her very first concert and her very first time on a train. The elevator doors opened to the 6th floor, Sanaa carried herself on her tired legs walking across the green and blue hallway. She was still romancing on today as her phone buzzed. ‘Can’t wait for Saturday gorgeous’ it read. She giggled a quiet silly laugh and sighed knowing her bed was soon to be in sight. Taking out her keys from her bag, she looked in front of her door and had her heart stop. ‘Sanaa 7abibti you’re here’ her keys and napkin she held in her hand dropped to the floor.

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  1. Ugh, why now? Things were okay with Bastiaan.


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