Sun & Moon: Chapter Ten

6:28 PM

Toploader’s ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ was a familiar melody when she would do her normal chores. The Wurlitzer electric piano tune began as she smiled. The feel good song matched her uplifted mood. Sanaa grabbed her broomstick by force pretending it was a microphone.

We get it on most every night
When that moon is big and bright
It’s a supernatural delight
Everybody’s dancing in the moonlight

The piano hit the keys again generating an elevating piece of music as Sanaa continues to sing along. She twirls and turns, making the funniest rock star moves as she pulls the broomstick wherever she went. She smiles as she closes her eyes and attempts a waltz with the light fiber broom. She imagines his arms around her as they move across the floor. Her bare feet touch the warm blue floor as the warmth of the air carries her; it felt as if she was on a fluffy cloud dancing. She has her eyes still closed as she continues dreaming. His piercing brown eyes looking into her soul as his smile lighten up the room and her being. He comes closer to her that she could smell his aftershave; that scent that made her sure of his existence whenever she got into an elevator or climbed the stairs or simply walked around the corridors and hallways. She took a sway to the left and another to the right, she was still hugging the now flying broom as her skirt twirled exposing the black leggings she had underneath.

Dancing in the moonlight
Everybody’s feeling warm and bright
It’s such a fine and natural sight
Everybody’s dancing in the moonlight

The song faded away as she opened her eyes still finding herself alone with a broom in hand. She laughed out loud at the crazy thought she had; a quick glimpse of how her children would look like, the flawless mixed caramel complexion along with a breathtaking set of teeth and not to forget her eyes. She shook her head dismissing the thought of it ever happening. ‘Laish la? Maybe’ she shrugged her shoulders asserting that slim possibility as she headed to her Kenwood stereo pressing the rewind button. The piano song started yet again playing with the strings of her soul as she grabbed the broomstick and continued imagining. ‘One day’ she said to herself asserting that her dreams would one day come true.

He was struggling to hold his pen steady, but he couldn’t. He was trying to focus and think straight only he couldn’t. Curbing the pain and regret he had inside was distressing and unbearable. Stopping the shivers and cold sweats that haunted him every single night was an ordeal which he failed in. He has been trying to write this letter to her only he wasn’t able to. Moving his chair away, he carried himself to his window. With his fingers making contact with the cold glass, it was like a jolt of electricity ran through his body. He realized how much of a big mistake he did. He regretted getting involved with her after everyone warned him to stay away from her. He felt remorse not because what he heard from everyone was true but because it wasn’t. He remembered how frown lines would gather on her forehead whenever he teased her. He recalled how intoxicating the sound of her voice was, how her big rounded eyes would tell a love story on its own whenever she attempted to hide her true feelings for him, and how a touch of her hand would calm any of his worries and make it disappear. Regret, remorse, guilt and sorrow haunted him. How could he do this to her now? She was happy, jovial and most importantly content with how things are. ‘I have to’ he told himself as he leaned his head towards the glass window. He had to gather his all; he felt exposed, unable to bare it any longer. With a quick insight of how things would be, he was ready to risk it all.  Grabbing his jacket, he left his room and hurriedly shut the door behind him. He was on his way to confess everything.   

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  1. ooohhh yaaay you posted! Rummy the way you write! so deep! I love it. This is so sad. For a second it felt so real. i love how you changed the parts. first its her then its him. and how she imagines the whole thing <3

  2. Yayy! can't wait for the next chapter!!

    Your biggest fan,

    Kim <3


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